What does “Oye cómo va” mean?

Oye cómo va mi ritmo, the opening lyrics to the popular Tito Puente song, loosely translate to Listen to my rhythm. What Does Oye Cómo Va Mean in English?

Who is the original singer of Oye Como Va?

Oye Como Va. Oye Como Va is a song written by Latin jazz and mambo musician Tito Puente in 1963.

What is the name of Santanas song with Como Va?

Oye Como Va is a song written by Latin jazz and mambo musician Tito Puente in 1963 and popularized by Santanas rendition of the song in 1970 on their album Abraxas, helping to catapult Santana into stardom with the song reaching #13 on the Billboard Hot 100.

What instrument does Cachao play in Oye Como Va?

Cachao can be heard playing contrabass in some of Tito Puentes live versions of Oye Como Va. The song has had many arrangements and remakes by a number of artists in various tempi.

What does Oye CMO Va Va mean?

This literally means to listen to how and is really just the beginning of a few lines that make up the chorus of the song. A singer pauses between oye cmo va (listen to how) and mi ritmo (my rhythm goes) in the song.

What year did Oye cómo va come out?

Oye Cómo Va is a 1962 cha-cha-chá by Tito Puente, originally released on El Rey Bravo ( Tico Records ). The song achieved worldwide popularity in 1970, when it was recorded by Mexican-American rock group Santana for their album Abraxas.

What does Como Va mean in Spanish?

Spanish allows for implied words; sentences are often constructed without a subject pronoun, for instance, because it is implied by the conjugation of the verb. So como va literally translates as how goes, but it means how goes it or really how is it going.

Who originally sang Oye Como Va by Santana?

Rolie was a founding member and keyboard player for Santana; he joined Journey in 1973. Oye Como Va was released on the second Santana album, Abraxas, and issued as a single after Black Magic Woman (also a cover: that one was originally by Fleetwood Mac).

What does the song Oye Como Va mean?

Oye Como Va. Mexican-American rock group Santana s rendition further popularized the song, which reached number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100, number 11 on the Billboard Easy Listening survey, and number 32 on the R&B chart. The title comes from the first words, which can be translated as Listen to how [it] goes or Hey, how is it going.

What song did Tito Puente say everybodys heard of Santana?

Tito Puente, speaking in the intro to his recording of Oye Como Va on the album Mambo Birdland, said Everybodys heard of Santana. Santana!

Does Santanas version of Sabor follow the original music?

On Santanas version of the song, everything, including the guitar wails and keyboards, follows the original music. The voice in the beginning says sabor, which is Spanish for flavor.

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