Tram 28

tram 28

Is the Lisbon tram 28 still in use?

Lisbon Tram 28 Guide - Updated for 2018! These historic trams are still in use, as the 28 route is completely unsuitable for modern trams, due to its numerous tight turns and steep gradients. A ride along the entire 28 tram route provides one of the best tours of the capital and is often a highlight of any holiday to Lisbon.

How much does it cost to ride the tram 28 in Barcelona?

A one-way ride on tram 28 costs €3.00 and it can be purchased from the driver. However, this is costly if you intend to stop at various stops and do some sightseeing. Alternatively, it is advisable to get a daily pass which is valid for 24 hours which can be used on the trams, metro and even the buses.

What are the timings for the Carris trams?

The trams start early in the day (6am) and continue late at night (10:30pm), with at least six-hourly departures between 7am to 6pm. For the latest timetable, please see the Carris website at:

How long is line 28 in Lisbon?

Here’s what you should know: Line 28 of Lisbons iconic trams was inaugurated in 1914, and today it has a 7km- (4.5 miles) route between Martim Moniz Square and Prazeres, by the neighborhood of Campo de Ourique (at night, after 9:30pm, it terminates a few stops before, by the basilica of Estrela).

What is the E28 tram in Lisbon like?

The E28 tram follows a very scenic route, passing through many of Lisbon’s historic districts, and provides one of the best tours of the city. This article will provide an introduction to the number 28 tram, and includes fares, tourist advice and details of sights along the route.

What is the best tram in Lisbon?

What is tram 28? Tram 28 is by far the most popular tram route in Lisbon. It is a good way to explore the capital city as it passes through some of the most typical neighbourhoods in Lisbon and several significant landmarks.

How many trams are there in Portugal?

Portugal’s capital currently has five different routes and 58 trams, of which 40 are vintage streetcars. The heritage trams are small, nostalgic and an emblematic symbol of Lisbon, making for great photos.

What happened to Lisbon’s tram lines?

Lisbon used to be full of tram lines but they’ve slowly disappeared over the years as the city’s underground metro system was built and expanded. Trams have mainly been kept in areas where the metro can’t be built – up hills, for example.

Yes you can, it’s a normal tram. Enjoy tram 28! Hi. Can you ride tram 28 to the end of the line and stay on to come back again or do you have to get off at the end if the line?

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