Camaro z28

camaro z28

Where can I buy a 1991 Camaro Z28?

With the largest selection of cars from dealers and private sellers, Autotrader can help find the perfect Camaro for you. Autotrader has 221 Used Chevrolet Camaros for sale, including a 1987 Chevrolet Camaro Z28, a 1991 Chevrolet Camaro Z28, and a 1995 Chevrolet Camaro Z28.

Is the Camaro Z28 really dead?

We don’t have any updates about that, but we’ve learned that previous rumors of the Camaro Z28’s cancellation are likely true, and a new report says it would have been a brutal beast. Latest reports about the now-dead Camaro Z28 come courtesy of Motor Trend, who quotes their anonymous source “Deep Burble.”

What kind of car is a Camaro?

The Chevrolet Camaro is a mid-size American automobile manufactured by Chevrolet, classified as a pony car. It first went on sale on September 29, 1966, for the 1967 model year and was designed as a competing model to the Ford Mustang.

What kind of suspension does a Camaro Z28 have?

For the Z28, the standard independent front suspension and rear leaf-spring system was specially tuned with equipment that was not available on any other Camaro model. Beginning with the front, a larger 1.20-inch-diameter anti-roll bar was installed, which greatly improved cornering stability.

What kind of motor does a 1992 Chevy Camaro Z28 convertible have?

Comoptions:description:1992 chevy camaro z/28 convertible - 5. 0 liter motor, automatic, loaded with factory options vehicle. escription:1992 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Convertible This is 1 out of 1254 units manufactured for 1992 Chevrolets Model Year Classified as a Chevrolet Camaro Z28 ...

Can you buy a 1991 Camaro Z/28 1LE?

The General’s answer to the dominant Ford Mustang of the time was the Camaro Z/28 1LE, a secret model made specifically for racing teams and drivers. Now, you have a chance to purchase this ultra-rare track-ready example from 1991 on eBay.

How many miles does a 1991 Chevy Camaro have?

1991 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible The name Camaro was reportedly derived from Heaths French and Eng ... 1991 Chevrolet Camaro RS, T-Top (1 of 69k made), original owner, original paint, original mileage 1 ... 1991 CAMARO RS 32,465 Miles! This is a one owner Chevrolet Camaro with 32,465 original miles!

How many miles does a Z28 Camaro have?

This is nice, original Z/28 with only 37,000 miles. The car runs and drives great with a very smooth ... Stk#061 1991 Chevy Camaro Z28 This is a true Z28, Super Chevy 3-time Class winner, Chevy Vette Fest ... Refine Search?

How much does a Chevrolet Camaro cost?

When you buy a Chevrolet Camaro, youre buying into decades of muscle car pedigree. The first Chevrolet Camaro was sold in 1966 for the 1967 model year. At a price of $2,700 which translates into slightly over $23,000 today, the Camaro was reasonably priced, even then.

Are Chevrolet Camaros better than other models?

As each generation comes and goes, the Chevrolet Camaro seems to get better and better. The newest model is smarter, faster, quieter, and lighter than all the models that have gone before, meaning that if you are ever going to get a Camaro, you’re doing so at the right time.

How did the Camaro get its name?

June 28, 1966 saw the Camaro introduced to the automotive press. The name, uncommon in the English language, was explained by Chevrolet president, Pete Estes, as “a name which is lithe and graceful…in keeping with our other car names beginning with ‘C.’

What kind of engine does a Camaro have in it?

The third-generation Camaro was produced from 1981 (for the 1982 model year) to 1992. These were the first Camaros to offer modern fuel injection, Turbo-Hydramatic 700R4 four-speed automatic transmissions, five-speed manual transmissions, 14,15- or 16-inch wheels, a standard OHV 4-cylinder engine, and hatchback bodies.

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