Oxford school

oxford school

Why choose the Oxford School Panama?

Since 1984, The Oxford School has been providing an international educational service in Panama. We are committed to the fulfillment of the goals of the National Curriculum of England and Cambridge International Examinations, both internationally renowned educational tools.

Why choose the Oxford School?

At The Oxford School, we understand the importance of having a rich and varied curriculum, however, at the same time we realize that we need to give heed to the learning process. Students of all backgrounds, beliefs and abilities to pursue academic excellence.

Is Oxford International College a good school?

In 2019, which was the last year when grades were awarded based on standardised external examinations, the college reached the top of the UK Independent School league tables. Oxford International College is an independent sixth form college offering A-Levels, GCSEs, and a range of short courses.

What is Oxford famous for?

Known as the ‘City of Dreaming Spires’, Oxford is one of the most beautiful and remarkable cities in England. Full of history and stunning architecture this city has inspired students for centuries.

Is Oxford International College a sixth form?

Oxford International College - Sixth form college in Oxford Oxford International College is an independent sixth form college offering A-Levels, GCSEs, and a range of short courses. We prepare students for competitive degrees at the world’s top universities.

Is it worth going to an Oxford College?

Going to any Oxford college is quite an achievement and, in any case, the Norrington table rankings change year on year. Which Oxford College quiz is available here. Oxford college reputations all start somewhere but that doesn’t mean that all the Oxford stereotypes are wholly true.

What qualifications do you need to get into Oxford International College?

Oxford International College Entry Requirements Prospective students will need to have IELTS 6.5 or equivalent. Prospective students are required to sit admissions tests in their chosen subjects, as well as an online aptitude test. We also take into consideration previous school reports and any other qualifications achieved to date.

What is Oxford University like?

A mix of ancient and modern, Oxford is a vibrant cosmopolitan city full of history and amazing architecture. Everything you need to know for students and parents thinking of joining our courses.

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